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Try out virtually any colour

See any Dulux Trade colour on your customer's wall in real time

Dulux Trade Paint Expert app

Decorator expertise on tap

The ultimate free app for professional decorators in the UK - augmented reality visualisation, expertise, support and advice all in one place.


Show customers any Dulux Trade colour on their wall

Our unique Visualizer tool within the Dulux Trade Paint Expert app shows customers exactly how their chosen colours will look on their wall in real time. It's simple to use, and the advanced augmented reality technology can also make your customers bolder with colour. No guesswork, no costly delays, just quick, confident colour decisions so you can get on with the painting faster.

Match colours and create colour schemes they'll love

Choose any colour from the Dulux Trade palette or scan any object - your customer's curtains or a favourite flower perhaps. The app will instantly match the shade and suggest ready-made colour schemes based on it. What a simple way to add colour scheme creation to your range of decorating services.


Hear what our decorators have to say

Don't just take our word for it. Watch the video and hear Robbie Dodds and his customer talk about how the app helped them to choose colours quickly and confidently.

Watch the video to see how it works

See how simple the Visualizer is to use on your tablet or smartphone. Discover all the extra features that make it essential for every decorator - like locating the nearest stockist and putting a wealth of product information at your fingertips.


Image inspiration

Browse the image section for inspiration or find the closest Dulux Trade colour to a favourite item via a photograph.

Colour inspiration

View the suggested colour schemes for this colour or other shades in the Colour Palette fandeck, Professional Colour Guide and Heritage range.

Useful features

It'll help you find stockists, scan barcodes for information, inspire you with tips and techniques and feed you professional decorator news.