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The art of
a perfect finish

Introducing a quick drying,
water based paint that lasts.


The future of our industry is water-based

With Dulux Trade water-based paints you are able to complete two coats in a day whilst creating a finish that mimics the sheen and smooth flowout properties of traditional solvent-based products.

Achieve a professional result that lasts with all the benefits of water based.


Introducing NEW Diamond Satinwood

Range Options

Quick Dry Undercoat

  • Incredible adhesion and flow
  • Enhances flow and sheen of top coat
  • Designed as a Primer-Undercoat

Quick Dry Gloss

  • High Gloss finish
  • Superior durability vs solvent based
  • Excellent flow for minimal brush marks

Quick Dry Satinwood

  • Self undercoating *
  • Flexible top coat
  • Fantastic, smooth finish

Acrylic Gloss

  • Excellent flow & opacity
  • Non-yellowing
  • A durable finish
  • Ready to re-coat in 6 hours

Diamond Satinwood

  • Tough & Durable
  • Non-Yellowing
  • Suitable for High Traffic Areas
  • Excellent resistance to scratches, stains & grease

* On previously coated or suitably primed surfaces. Where a strong colour change is involved, or when overcoating a factory primed substrate, we recommend that a coat of Dulux Trade Quick Dry Undercoat is applied.

Click HERE to download our water-based paint guide (18MB file).

Best practice for applying water-based products

See how you can achieve a fantastic, smooth finish and how important preparation is to creating a longer lasting look.

Click HERE to download our prepare and apply guide.

Experience with Dulux Trade Quick Dry Trim

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See how the new Dulux Trade Quick Dry Trim finishes gives decorators a finish they can be proud to show customers.


A contractor’s experience with Dulux Trade Quick Dry Trim

As a contractor, efficiency on site is essential. See how the new Dulux Trade Quick Dry trim range allows you to achieve the increased productivity you need while achieving the best possible finish.


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