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Working with you to create a brighter future

Planet Possible

Our commitment to doing more with less

Planet Possible is our sustainability strategy. We are seeking to create a brighter future by delivering more value from fewer resources and bringing colour to people’s lives. We are committed to driving sustainable innovation, promoting radical resource efficiency, and helping you to realise your sustainability goals.

planet possible
Choosing Sustainable Paint

Choosing Sustainable Paint

Helping you make the right choice of paint for your project

Choosing the most sustainable paint doesn’t have to be complicated. Learn more about our sustainable products and which to choose for your job. Discover how we ensure the quality of your paint without compromising the planet.

Reducing Your Waste

We can’t stand waste!

Did you know that we provide a range of services to help you minimise the waste you create when decorating and even cut your waste costs? If not find out here how we can help you minimise your waste and responsibly manage leftover paint, empty cans and dirty brushes and rollers. On big jobs we can even help you minimise the amount of water needed to clean brushes and rollers out.

reducing your waste
Community RePaint

Community RePaint

Give leftover paint a life beyond your walls

Over 25 years ago, Dulux helped establish Community RePaint, a national network of non-profit schemes across the UK who collect leftover paint and redistribute it to community groups and those in social need - ensuring that the paint is not only reused but that it also has a positive social impact. In this 25 years Community Repaint has passed on over 4 million litres of paint and coloured 5 million lives.

Our Community Impacts

Let’s create a brighter future together

Here at AkzoNobel Decorative Paints, we have a passion for using colour to positively impact building users, transform grey communities and help the next generation unlock their potential. Learn about the different projects we support that bring colour into people’s lives.

Our Community Impacts
Industry Leadership

Leading Our Industry

Leading our industry into a brighter, more sustainable future

We believe that through innovation and collaboration we can unlock great opportunities to improve the sustainability of our industry, whilst growing our and our customers’ businesses. Learn more about our vision for creating sustainable value and bringing positive change to our planet, our industry and the living spaces we create, as well as the credentials which underpin our leadership.

Our Sustainability Policies

Sustainability is a core principle of our business

As well as our overarching Decorative Paints UK Sustainability policy, we’ve established policies and standards for specific areas. Also find our key accreditation certificates and compliance statements here including ISO 14001, BREEAM & Ska Rating.

Sustainability Policies
Environmental Performance

Our Environmental Performance

We are committed to reducing the impact of our operations and beyond

Learn more about what actions we are taking to reduce the environmental impact of our operations. From reducing the amount of waste created on site to our award winning rainwater harvesting system, we strive to constantly innovate in this area to ensure that our impact on the planet is minimised.