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ColourFuturesTM 2019

ColourFuturesTM 2019: The overarching theme for this year is Let The Light In, and comprises of four colour trends. The new Colour of the Year is Spiced Honey. Spiced Honey captures the optimism and confidence of a deep ochre: a colour that is stimulating and known to lift mood. It is balanced by the warmth and earthiness of mid-brown and burgundy: soft but serious colours that can feel quietly supportive. It is a tone that our trend analysis identified as a contemporary yet timeless classic, and one that is currently being seen in new architecture and interior design all around the world.

You can also download a pdf of the book from here

Spaces for calm

The Think colour scheme creates spaces that encourage careful consideration for those within them. The warm neutrals and honey tones are positive but calm, soft but serious. This is a palette for any space where people may need to relax and take the time to contemplate. The gentle honey tones of this palette help buildings to offer calmness to their surroundings. The earthy nature of these shades is balanced with ochre and blue, for buildings that need to exude a quiet warmth and civility.

Spaces for succeeding

This palette helps to create spaces that are more soothing. It works anywhere that you need to encourage imagination and focus, working on the relaxing properties of pale blues. Consider it for workspaces and anywhere that demands creative thinking and productivity. The simplified exterior palette helps public buildings to convey a quiet authority in their environment. The soft tones have a reflective lightness that sits gently in their surroundings, without ever hiding away.

Spaces for sharing

Use the Love palette to create spaces that subliminally bring people together. The deep reds are stimulating and lively, and overall the rich hues give a sense of warmth without feeling heavy or overbearing. Consider it for anywhere that people live or come together to socialise. The stimulating tones of the exterior Love palette are designed to be noticed by those that pass by and to beckon them in: to be stimulating but also welcoming, and to sit confidently in an urban environment

Spaces for action

This palette can help to create spaces that encourage dynamism. The colours pop and are loaded with energy, to encourage movement around the built environment. It is for spaces that need to energise their occupants and encourage them to have a positive, "why not?" attitude The bold, vibrant colours in this simplified exterior palette make a dynamic impact in their surrounding environment. This palette is for spaces that demand to be seen and demand engagement from those that pass them.