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ColourFuturesTM 2018

ColourFuturesTM 2018: The overarching theme for this year is A welcome home, and comprises four trends. The new Colour of the Year is Heart Wood. Heart Wood, along with its associated trends have been created to ensure daily environments can become places of calm, where the noise can be turned down and values can be nurtured. Colour is an essential tool in creating an environment that welcomes people in.

You can also download a pdf of the book from here


The Colour of the Year for 2018 is Heart Wood. A smoky warm neutral with a hint of heather. The name was inspired by the nourishing warmth of wood and tactile comfort of leather.

To communicate the concept and the harmonious mood intended, the Aesthetic Centre created an interior, The Heart Wood space, designed to illustrate the concept. It depicts a place where people can feel connected to nature, yet be reassured by the certainty of safe surroundings. Where delicately textured fabrics offer a subtle contrast to smooth marble and copper, and well-worn furniture sits alongside newer pieces.

Within this concept, balance is key. The supporting Heart Wood Space palette reflects this balance and versatility, with soft cocoa flowing into bolder shades ink blue and purple. All colours from the palette below are chosen for mix-and-match purposes, with examples of applied colour schemes on the following pages.


Compared to the Heart Wood palette, which is based on the Colour of the Year Heart Wood, the Comforting palette is even more about shutting out the noise and creating restorative rooms that revolve around finding balance. The palette you see below radiates warmth and holds its own in the company of materials with rich textures, such as warm woods, leather, silk and velvet.

The Comforting palette pairs Colour of the Year Heart Wood with heritage hues, such as terracotta and antique gold, thereby creating an elegant overall effect. Yet select a few of the lighter tones, and something new emerges out of this palette - an energizing, unifying colour scheme that is ideal for public spaces. As before, the full palette below allows for a variety of combinations.


The Inviting palette shows an easy use of colour. Cool shades of blue encourage a clear-headed approach to life, while easy-going neutrals and sea-green support a need for connection. Heart Wood, the Colour of the Year, functions as the subtle contrast at the centre. The palette is well-suited for use in healthcare facilities, as well as work-related spaces and offices - places where people gather.

Imagery from our colour trends booklet demonstrate the proportions of coloured surfaces that can be used to indicate the purpose of a room, or signal a transition to a different area. For instance, softer pastel shades may be framed by graphic borders of coal and dark blue to create an airy mood, yet enhance spatial awareness. Similarly, consecutive rooms painted in several shades of green impart a sense of logic.

The Inviting palette is the perfect choice for any interior with lots of natural materials, chosen for convenience as well as beauty.


The Playful palette for 2018 draws the Colour of the Year, Heart Wood, into sunny and warm territory. Pops of fresh colour add a sense of fun and energy, including shades of green inspired by nature. This palette turns any space into a launchpad for possibility, rendering it invigorating and full of life.

Yellow-toned green and gold help spark the synapses and encourage a creative approach to whatever question might present itself, while a buttery cream softens the edges of any hard surface, be it concrete, wood or plaster. But these yellows and greens do more: they bring out new characteristics in the Colour of the Year, revealing a happy, floral undercurrent. Overall cheerful in tone, the palette is ideal for school buildings as well as the leisure industry.