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ColourFutures 2017

Life in a New Light

ColourFutures 2017

This year, the overriding theme of ‘Life in a New Light’ encourages you to celebrate a new outlook on the simple things that make life special. With the fast paced world in which we live, real and authentic experiences rather than possessions are becoming more important than ever before, so we find ourselves taking a fresh look at the very foundations of everyday life that contribute to our extraordinary lives.

Colour Of The Year Palette

2017's palette is all about balance. This year, we see an interesting contrast between bolder, more striking colours and a selection of muted, lighter shades. Our Colour of the Year is Denim Drift (87BG 27/077), is a beautiful, timeless and versatile grey-blue that takes on a different characteristic depending on how it’s used, perfectly capturing the mood of the moment and embodying our lives for 2017.The accompanying palette of tonal blue shades creates a truly accessible range that can be easily translated into architecture and interior decorating.

New Romanticism

As the world becomes more passionate and vocal about issues surrounding the environment, this topic infiltrates the way we are living and our priorities in life, with sustainability and responsibility front of mind. We are all connected to nature and yet we live in an overwhelmingly urban and digital world. Being closer to the planet allows you to reconnect with your spiritual self, ensuring you have a healthy mind and soul. Although this trend comes from a place that is deeply considered, it translates into our homes in a boho, eclectic fashion that immerses you in the natural world and transforms your home with a truly creative flair.

The Working Home

The boundary between work life and personal life is shifting, and as such we seek a more balanced way of living and working. The home has become an office, and offices are becoming more like homes as we are living 24/7 lives, and so we need beautiful places to work at home, and new inspiration for how to do this. Dulux has developed a colour palette to help you create different zones in the home, and a fluid environment that fits both. Whether you like to take your laptop to the kitchen with a coffee, or carve out a specific area for working, you can be comfortable, relaxed and focused within your living space.