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Colour Futures 2016

Looking Forward, Looking Back

ColourFutures 2016

The overarching theme for this year is Looking Both Ways, and comprises four trends that combine opposites whether that be Heritage & Future or Dark & Light...

Read on to view the palettes and find out more.

You can also download a pdf of the book from www.colourfutures.com

Colour Of The Year Palette

Gold and gold tones are being used everywhere in the design world, including in several of our key trends. Chosen as our Colour of the Year for 2016 is 20YY 36/370; a gold influenced ochre we have named Cherished Gold, which is both bright enough to attract attention and combines well with other tones.

In the palette:

A selection of shades that work beautifully with the colour of the year for a tonal effect, a relaxed neutral or something more surprising.

Heritage & Future

By looking at the past we are able to design for the future:

Take inspiration from the past, demonstrate the foundations of identity and gain confidence in next steps forward.

In the palette:

Inspired by tapestries, traditional dying techniques and contemporary brights; highlighted with gold.

Words & Pictures

Inspired by the new found power in graphics & statements:

Word use has been squeezed by social media, replaced by imagery alone; but there is a new found power in words and a recognition that words and images complete each other.

In the palette:

Shades of inks and tones familiar from social media image filters.

Dark & Light

Celebrate the night by enjoying the mystery and beauty of the dark:

In a world filled with light pollution, it is time to reappreciate the richness of deeper shades, and how their lustre best shows the play of light.

In the palette:

Beautiful saturated colours, many blend seamlessly together, recalling the tones of both dusk and dawn during the ‘golden hour’.

The Grid & Letting Go

Inspired by the concept of freedom within a framework:

This trend combines structure and whimsy, organic shapes and graphical patterns.

In the palette:

Are fresh, vivid and playful colours, held back by black and white.